Cloudcom offer DDoS Protected Hosting with DDoS attack Protection up to 10 Gbit/s, included in every Dedicated Server, Cloud Server , Virtual Private Server, Free VPS 7 day trial or dedicated game server. Our Protected Hosting offer the most important protection and server management features at no extra price, our protected hosting provide truly fast, powerful and secure hosting services.

Cloudcom offer a wide spectre of DDoS attack protection pre activated and ready to use with full server administration, offering ddos protection free of charge. Test our Cloud Server or Virtual Server for free today, and discover for yourself a new possibility to host your online business in a safe and stable environment.

Datacenter Location
DDoS Protection included

Our Premium and Secure Hosting is located in eco friendly and 100% secured data center in Zurich, Switzerland. This is not just a geographical center of Europe but also one of the most efficient technological hubs, providing the maximum latency and connectivity throughout Europe. The correct use of hosting innovations, new ddos protection technologies and technically efficient server hardware pushed Cloudcom into an idea to create the fastest, secured and reliable hosting in Europe, with the best hosting equipment and technologies involved.

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Own DDoS Mitigation Infrastructure

One of the most important details in secure web hosting business is infrastructure. Cloudcom spent a lot of effort to create and maintain the private ddos mitigation hosting network. As a result, we have a whole anti ddos hosting platform, where the servers, mitigation network and protection software is our intellectual and private property and this eliminates the possible risks related to dependencies to third parties hardware and services, plus adds one more layer to our ddos protection and secure hosting quality.

DDoS Protection Free of charge!
DDoS Protection Free

Cloudcom offer dedicated, cloud, virtual private , and shared servers and colocation with DDOS Protection included for free. Cloud, Dedicated server or VPS with free ddos attack protection up to 10 gbps. Also you can get a dedicated server with 40% discount with using DDoS Protection on-demand.

Cloudcom offer complex DDoS Attack protection, intended for mitigation of all types of DDoS attacks, solving the problem of possibilities and stability of your business activities.

Our ddos mitigation specialists have developed the instruments for enhancing the ddos protection, based on dynamic cluster ddos attack detection, possible to mitigate and protect the harmful web traffic and immediately secure the server from all types of ddos attacks.

Advantages of Cloudcom DDOS Attack Protection:

  • Mitigate ddos attacks of all types
  • Innovative technologies in DDoS Protection
  • Automated DDoS Attack detection
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Transparent website attack protection
  • Remote DDoS Mitigation. No need to change your ISP.
  • DDoS Protection up to 10 gbps with Dedicated Server, Cloud, VPS or colocation.
  • DDoS Protection up to 400 gbps is available on-demand.
Fast DDoS Protected Network
Быстрая скорость сети

Our Protected Hosting can ensure you that the DDoS Mitigation Network used by our clients is the most reliable and rapid network offered now. Cloudcom use strictly Multi-Homed Bandwidth in order to provide necessary network redundancy at 100% guaranteed low latency. To improve the ddos mitigation performance we use only 10 gbit/s LAN ports at all our Cloud and Virtual Servers and 1 Gbps port connection for every Dedicated Server separately.

Precisely built secure hosting network hardware system ensures 100% network connectivity. Cloudcom use high grade hardware components to make network absolutely redundant and use multiple connections within internal mitigation network to uplink providers in order to provide one more layer of safety to our ddos protected infrastructure.

Cloudcom Protected Hosting collaborate only with Tier-1 Internet providers and for the ddos protected client this means fast connection and transfers at any part of the world. Over these years we have used Cisco equipment and the brand completely proved its 100% sustainability that's why we offer you servers connected with only high grade Cisco routers and switches.

Our DDoS Protected Network Features:

  • Excellent DC Location
  • Own network infrastructure
  • High grade hosting hardware
  • Multihome Ports 1-10 Gbit/s
  • Instant realtime support
  • Instant resource expansion
  • Individual DDoS Mitigation
  • Multilingual 24/7 Hotline/li>
Powerful Dedicated Server equipment
Мощное оборудование

Every DDOS Protected Dedicated Server is equipped with Fast HDD and DDR3 RAM along with Intel Xeon Multi Core CPUs. Our 1/10 Gb/s network ports are like a standard provided free of charge. No setup fees or usage expenses. 6Gb/s SAS Raid is always included, and ultra fast DDR3 memory will make your server work faster than ever.

All Dedicated Servers are based on Intel Xeon Multicore processors, Cloudcom arranged dedicated and virtual servers with the best possible configuration to develop your online business into stable success!

Cloudcom DDoS Protected is one of the most dynamically developing hosting networks in Europe

The most powerful and reliable hardware infrastructure, built on top grade Cisco firewalls, Multicore Intel CPUs, SAS Hard drives, full server visual and remote control hardware (KVM over IP and IPMI), premium antiddos load balancers, network switches, copper or optical cables located in premium high grade datacenter in center of Zurich.

Launchyour private ddos protected server in Switzerland and enjoy premium features of Swiss based DDoS protected hosting:

  • 24/7 antiddos monitoring
  • Best branded anti ddos hardware
  • Mandatory server hardware pretesting
  • SAN storage, ddos safe routers, network hubs and hypervisors
  • IPMI or KVM over IP with every server
  • Perfectly balanced and absolutely redundant
  • 1/10 gbit lan ports for every server
  • The balanced DDoS protection and software mitigation
  • А-grade copper and fiberoptics
  • All hardware is connected to Antiddos Core
  • 100% reserved network
  • Verified premium upstream providers
Free Hosting Features:
Free Hosting Features
Administer your VPS or Cloud from your IOS or Android device

OnApp Remote Administration will allow you to moderate the server from a mobile device via OnApp administration interface. Manage your DDoS Protected Cloud or VPS at any moment and location. Service is included with every VPS and Cloud Server. Setup is free and instant.

Free premium add-ons
KVM over IP included

Complete Remote video and keyboard administration and reboot interface. Cloudcom include the remote management hardware completely free of charge: KVM over IP, IPMI Management, Cpanel, Webadmin, OnApp, and more.

Free premium add-ons
Daily Raid Backups in order to secure your data

Cloudcom have decided to backup all you data on daily basis in order to provide our clients with the best backup options available today. Just enable this feature in your panel.

Free premium add-ons
Hosting Power and Hardware Secured

Hosting hardware is limited in time. That's why we have decided to keep an extra hardware unit, switch, server, firewall, and so on at our DC in order to provide excellent and uninterruptible service.